Shipping Policy

Minimum Purchase Requirements:

There is a $10 purchase minimum on all orders. Shipping costs do not qualify for meeting the minimum purchase requirement.

Product Availability:

We try to keep our store/warehouse sufficiently stocked but all items are subject to being out of stock at any time without notice on this website. If you order any item(s) that are out of stock at the time the order was received, we will notify you via the email or phone number provided on the order form. We can substitute any unavailable item for another item that is available in the store, refund the difference for the amount of the unavailable item(s), or work with you to the best of our abilities. Orders with an "unavailable item(s)" will be held in the warehouse until contact has been made with the customer and arrangements have been made about the customer's preference in actions to be taken. 

Cut Off Times: 

Orders received before noon (12:00 pm EST) will go out on that same business day via UPS. All orders received after noon (12:00 pm EST) will go out the next business day. If you prefer your shipment to go out through the regular postal service (USPS), orders will go out the next business day.

Shipping Time:

Most orders are received by customers within 3-5 days. You can expect your item(s) to be packaged the same day the order is received (See Cut Off Time section above). Once the order leaves our warehouse we do not have control as to any delays our service provider may encounter. Delays due to weather conditions, natural disasters, or delivery truck break downs are completely out of our control. 

International Shipping:

We can NOT ship anything outside of the continental United States. If you need anything sent to Alaska, Canada, Mexico or anywhere overseas, we can ship your item(s) to any physical address within the continental United States and then you would need to make arrangements to ship to the final destination. 

Banners and Signs:

All Banner and Sign orders have a production time (turn-around time). This production time is separate from the delivery time. Consider the length of both times and your "Due By Date" before placing your order to be shipped.